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Energy Match is an experienced, fully customer focused energy supplier, licensed by Polish Energy Regulatory Office for the supply of electricity as well as gas. We are making sure that everyone takes maximum advantage of the free market with better prices, better service and better products that really match your needs. Energy Match is a comprehensive solution bringing you electricity and gas much cheaper than your current supplier is offering – in a fully transparent way.
Lower energy price, better service and better products truly matching your needs – we invite you to explore Energy Match offers. Energy Match is one of the fastest growing Polish dual fuel suppliers. Fully automated processes, smart sourcing and above all highly committed team members enable us to always stay one step ahead of the competition. Everyone is tired of increasing energy costs and seemingly great deals with hidden surprises. Energy Match is your one-stop solution: power and gas, much cheaper than your current supplier, and completely transparent. That’s why almost half of the SME’s and households that want to switch, choose Energy Match

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8 reason why you should choose Energy Match

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We have lower electricity prices

Choose Energy Match and save up to 40% in comparison to you current electricit costs. If you are interested in switching your electricity supplier, you can sign a contract both for your company and home, on attractive conditions.

We also have lower prices for natural gas

Energy Match offers preferential conditions that enable significant savings on your gas usage costs. Changing your supplier, similarly to switching electricity supplier is simple and totally free of charge. Is there anything more convenient that having one supplier of electricity and gas?

Fixed price guarantee

In the market full of uncertainties and question marks we remain an anchor. This the reason why our contracts with guaranteed fixed price for the upcoming years are so popular among the customers. Our mission is to contribute to deregulation of Polish energy market. We want every Polish company and household to be able to choose between competitive offers and gain independence from energy prices rising.

Professional service

Team of our best specialists is waiting to serve you using their best knowledge and resolve all energy-related problems, that may occur. At Energy Match the main objective is satisfaction of our customers. The more we know about the application and usage of energy by your family and company, the more accurate will our assistance be to you.


At Energy Match you are able to opt for e-invoicing and direct debit for your convenience. What’s more, in case of consumer companies operating for their basic activities where consumers reside, we are able to offer a complex agreement that enables payment with just one money transfer both for distribution and energy used.


Fair and completely transparent contract is key – in our documents you will not find a catch or hidden fee. Let us support you – we focus on good relations. We always do our best, so that you will want to prolong the contract with us.

Switching supplier free of charge

Switching your energy supplier is something, that our specialists will be taking care of on your behalf – you don’t need to worry about anything. Also, it’s completely free of charge. Switching your energy supplier is 100% safe – over 600 thousand Poles have already done it!


We offer you piece of mind – we are not going anywhere, you can be certain your future with us is in safe hands. Energy Match was granted a licence by Polish Energy Regulatory Office valid until 2030. Thanks to step by step development we are able to offer better level of Customer Service every year.




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