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Our main goal is to have happy customers. Therefore we are continuously in contact with you. The better we know what energy means for you, your family or your company, the better products we can develop and the better service we can provide. We are doing our very best to be as clear and open as possible. Do you have a complaint, suggestion or question, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Obtaining excellent conditions of energy sales is really simple and safe at the same time. The quickest way is filling in the form and attaching your latest invoice from your current supplier. You can also contact the sales team via email at [email protected] or by phone at (22) 123 08 20.

Not if you choose Energy match as your next supplier. With Energy Match it is always free of charge.

Energy Match will conduct the whole switching procedure on your behalf based on the power of attorney. We have switched over 50 000 people, so you can feel safe, you are in good hands.

The energy distribution company is responsible for supplying energy you buy through their network. This company is a monopolist in specified area and cannot be changed. The energy seller can be switched freely.

No, switching your energy sales company is an administrative procedure and does not influence energy supply continuity.

No. According to the energy law provisions, the energy distributor company is obliged to assure equal service to all receivers.

The procedure stays exactly the same, as the meter is read by the same distribution company as before.

As before, the Emergency Power and Gas units that can be reached at the national phone line – 991.

Invoices are prognosed according to your usage history. If the distributor allows real-time usage data supply it is possible to be settled according to this data (at the moment applies only to big-size companies). Successively as the meter reading data is provided, the prognosis are being settled according to actual usage.

Until know you have paid for two services – distribution and used energy with one invoice. After switching the energy sales company these two things will be divided in two. Thanks to that it is easier to monitor your costs of energy and makes settlements easier. You can compare the cost of just this element that you can be saving on. There is no possibility of changing the distributor company.

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